Meet Melissa Smith And Brigette Daguerre, Jesse James’ Mistress Number Two And Number Three

Start getting the supermarket deli ticket dispenser ready.

We had a premonition when sources said ladies were always throwing themselves at Jesse James that the Oscar curse was going to veer more towards Tiger Sluts II: return of the slime. Then his ex-wife took the opportunity to tell us the man who cheated on Sandra Bullock was in fact a chronic cheater. Which leads us to what’s behind door number 2 and 3.

Stripper Melissa Smith (no fun middle name?) told Star magazine that like Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, she made contact with Jesse online. A year after married Sandra Jesse found the tattooed blonde on MySpace and said “Nice car…that’s my godfather’s.” After some exchanges he gave her his email address (with the name Vanilla Gorilla) and eventually she came down to his office and just like Michelle they ended up having sex on his couch. From then on Smith claims they had a kinky two year relationship.

In 2008 girl number three, photographer Brigette Daguerre (pictured here), came along when she was hired to do styling work for West Coast Choppers, a business I’m starting to think Jesse created in order to get laid. The non-hostess/stripper/model told TMZ they only had sex four times, but she is in possession of 195 text messages to prove their “short-lived relationship”including a text from Jesse saying “I’ll be your monkey.” How is that sexy? I’m picturing him pulling bugs out of her hair. Also 195 texts from two years ago? Doesn’t anyone else need to delete messages so they have space on their phone or is that just my low rent Samsung?

Speaking of low rent we haven’t seen Jesse sulking around today. Instead check out a video after the jump of a guy talking about McGee’s white power obsession and how he will no longer use her as his model.