Meet VH1′s ‘Mob Wives’

March 22nd, 2011 // 10 Comments

Ohhhhgoodnessgracious.  VH1 has done it again.  Back in November, The Wrap reported that soft rock’s former homebase has teamed up with the Weinstein Company and Electus (headed by industry vet Ben Silverman) to bring us something we never dared ask for: Mob Wives.

Mob Wives focuses on four women from Staten Island who have to carry on after their husbands or fathers go to jail for mob-related shenanigans.  One of the cast members is Karen Gravano, daughter of Sammy “The Bull” Gravano ( a notorious mafia informant).  From the looks of the trailer (check it out after the jump), it seems Mob Wives is a smidge more gratuitous with the violence than our New Jersey friends over on Bravo are.  Did you really expect the abuse to stop at verbal?  There is choking, choking to the point where you’re forced to take a mental snapshot of the victim’s face.  It’s terrifying!

I have one question: How the hell are they getting away with this show?  The mafia is historically very hush-hush about their business, so I can’t imagine many mob bosses are eagerly anticipating this premiere.

Mob Wives premieres Sunday, April 17th on VH1

By Kelly Lynch

  1. martinos rosanne
    Commented on this photo:

    This is not real, if the men were ou, or living ? They would be gone. Good for the chocker, sock it to her baby.

  2. alicia23

    I grew up next door to a mob family and played with their daughter growing up. women kept their mouths shut about what their husbands did, they didn’t do interviews or go on tv to talk about their lives. when I went over ‘Emily’s’ house you didn’t talk about the mob, you didn’t go into her father’s den, you either played in her room or living room. and if her father’s “friends” came over you had to leave. maybe the mob is getting soft as the times change.

  3. Sunny

    Ur right , as your next door neighbors u had no idea what was going on in the house .. I was with a made man ,, my mother in law took me under her thumb & groomed me for this new way of life I was about to enter,,at the time I had no idea what a made man was or what he had to do to be a made man !!! I did know he just had ties organizes crime but a wife of a made man is not on the front line I can BELIEVE this show is going to air ,,, there’s not to many made med left out there today .Most are dead , jail , for the most part those days are gone it goes to show with the wife’s of the mob on the tv show about to air there trash there’s an honor of code in my eyes there not following , there only asking for an open file with the FBI ,yes the women all stuck together but never acted like these ladies & I think there all wannabes stay home & do ur dirty laundry house ladies

  4. mj

    At least one of these women needs to be in prison with her dad. Why in the world would any tv show even one as bad as VH1 want to glamourize these common pieces of trash. Sonny, The Bull’s daughter is the only one I feel sorry for. the rest epitimize what we in the south call “White Trash” except they are worse.

  5. mj

    MY daughter in law’s family was mob in NYC. They are NOT proud of it. Keep it hidden as much as possible. My neighbors brother was mob in NYC. now he’s dead like he deserves. These people are cold hearted monsters and raised their kids to be the same way.

  6. Kuurgs

    They should call this show Mob Whiners.

    This is for sure scripted drama with Renee Graziano the worst actress. My god how I feel embarrassed for her son.

    Remember their income sources have dried up, why not do a reality show and get paid. I watched 3 episodes and it’s enough for me.

  7. lol

    as much as i like italian (euro americans at large and in charge lol)ppl and like watching italian gals in action i probalby wont be watching this show. i dont really watch much tv anyway.

  8. LMAO

    I am amazed that these women think they are such bad asses!! What a joke, they have literally made fools out of themselves… Oh and BTW… I don’t give a damn WHO YOU ARE!! You are nothing but a bunch of spoiled rotten white trash bitches!! Come on down south and see how much hair pulling there is… you’ll get that ass kicked for sure…
    Stop being a cry baby about baby daddy being in jail… he is where the hell he belongs… he broke the friggin’ law!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!


    i love this show sooooo much…cant wait for their new season. i can relate to all of the drama…. great jobs ladies… looking to start a fan-club

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