Meet Theo James: Our New British Eye Candy

Ladies, you’re welcome.

Just what you need to kick-start your weekend: another hottie to add to your list of future British suitors.

Allow me to make the introduction of the handsome, Theo James. Not only is that jawline reminiscent of James Franco, but I can’t even be mad at those distracting ears of his. It gives him a certain aura of distinctiveness. And those full lips aren’t too bad to focus on either…mmmmmmm…

Photos: Another Distracting Brit…in a Speedo

Theo is the lead in the BBC America’s supernatural show Bedlam which focuses on his character living in a haunted condo housing development and of course, he can also see dead people! (Cue: The Sixth Sense reference).

Make sure to fill up on the mah-jor eye candy of Theo during his Bedlam panel in the picture gallery and check out the Bedlam trailer after the jump!