Meet The Royal: Princess Anne, The Princess Royal [PHOTOS]

We usually put the focus on more popular members of the royal family, including Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.  This time, let’s learn a bit more about Queen Elizabeth’s second child and only girl, Princess Anne, The Princess Royal.

Born on August 15th, 1950 Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise received the title Princess Royal by her mother in 1987.  She has two children with ex-husband, Captain Mark Phillips, whom she married on November 14th 1973.  At the ceremony,  Anne wrote “Mountbatten-Windsor” on the wedding register to honor her father’s surname, which was overruled by the Queen herself and Parliament in favor of Windsor.

Zara, 31, is an equestrian, like her mother once was, and won silver with Team GB at this summer’s Olympics.  Peter, 34 is married to Canadian-born Autumn Phillips (nee Kelly) and they have two daughters – Savannah and Isla.

Peter and Zara do not have royal titles, since their mother wanted them to live a normal life without the worries that come along with HRH.  They are still, however, in line to the British throne.

Princess Anne has a reputation for being a tough cookie, and makes no bones about her feelings towards the press.  Despite having three other brothers, some view Anne as the most pragmatic, independent and brightest of the Queen and Prince Philip’s four children. 

The Duke of Edinburgh adores his daughter, as she shares many of his qualities.  “No wonder Philip adores her and talks to her about practically everything,” a source reportedly told the Daily Mail back in 2010.

In 1974, Princess Anne was the victim of a kidnapping attempt.  The car she and Phillips were in was stopped by Ian Bell, who began firing a gun in order to get into the car.  Anne was able to keep her cool while Bell explained that he wanted money in return for her life, and then managed to escape while bystanders and her protection officers finally detained him.

In 1989, the Princess and Phillips decided to separate, and in 1992 their divorce was finalized.  That same year, Anne married Vice Admiral Timonthy Laurence in a Church of Scotland ceremony near Balmoral Castle.