Meet The New Cast Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’: The Season Of All-Stars

The Season 14 Cast
Last season's cast has nothin' on these all-stars.
J.R. Martinez wins
The former U.S. army soldier wins DWTS.
Well, after 15 seasons I guess it is time for a change.

Hit reality TV show Dancing with the Stars announced it would be theming the upcoming season “All-Star” and bring back former contestants for a second round and finally released the names of those contestants after much speculation. Who would make the cut? Would they bring back winners? Losers? Anyone they could get?

Well, they got six winners and three runner-ups which creates an odd, and competitive, dynamic. We have some contestants who got second place to someone they will be competing against. We also have contestants who were voted off mid-season who are determined to prove themselves, and I’m sure there are some people thrown in there that have nothing better to do and aren’t getting any other offers (Bristol Palin, I’m lookin’ at you).

Regardless of who made the cut, I’m sure this will be an interesting season. Multiple stars have been paired with the same dancing pro in the past so it will be especially interesting to see who gets paired up with who and how that will play out.

Season 15, Dancing with the stars: All-Stars, premieres on Monday, September 24, 2012 on ABC.