Media Labeled Dannii Minogue Kylie’s Fat, Ugly Sister

Dannii Minogue appears on the cover of UK Marie Claire’s January 2011 issue, wearing a gold dress from Victoria Beckham‘s Fall 2010 Collection.

In the article she talks about her boyfriend Kris Smith and their new baby Ethan, as well as the amount of work she had to do to overcome the media labeling her the fat, ugly sister of Kylie Minogue.

“When I first came over here it was hard because of ‘Kyliemania,’” she added…

“There were some horrific headlines. Had I not been confident I would have been in trouble,” she went on to add. But since Minogue has been a host on The X-Factor, she’s really come into her own with the British public.

“Every Saturday night at the beginning of the show, when I step out onto the stage, I’m terrified. Not about me but about how everyone’s going to get on – whether they’ll stuff it up. You can’t help but getting really involved with your people (contestants) because it’s their life,” she says.