Media Makes A Big Stink When Lana Del Rey Says The F Word

Aspiring singer Lana Del Rey, formerly known as Lizzy Grant,  uttered the words “f—ing hell” during an interview on a BBC radio show yesterday, January 23, for which she promptly apologized.  Afterwards, multiple media outlets reported the gaffe like she screamed, “BOMB!” on an airplane.  It isn’t like this is the first time someone famous said profanity in an interview so why is it such a big deal that Del Rey did? Maybe it’s because she’s the daughter of a wealthy internet investor and isn’t struggling like most artist do before they make it big.  Or maybe it’s the fact that many of her critics believe that Lana is using her pretty little face to get more air time. 

Whatever it is, this doesn’t help the songstress’ reputation and is the most recent  “controversy” she is dealing with after her awkward debut performance on SNL.  Haters also claim that Ms. Del Rey committed fraud by jacking the tune of a Greek ballad from the 90’s that sounds very similar to her debut single, ‘Video Games’.  I took a listen to the song and although there is a bit of a similarity, the poor girl was small and growing up in America in the 90’s, so I highly doubt that she copied the tune deliberately.  Also, who gives a sh** (Gasp! I said the s-word!  Someone go tweet how horrible I am!) if the girl is beautiful?  There are so many female singers in the business that are stunning.  Does that mean that they became popular because of their looks?  Maybe a few, but no one is making a big stink about it.  Leave the girl alone.  

Lana was seen leaving the BBC studios in London, England and yes, she looks absolutely fab in her leather jacket, leather pants, white shirt, and black Adidas high tops.  Haters, keep hating.