Meadow Soprano is Trying to Land Her Next Job

The National Ledger repots that Meadow Soprano aka Jamie Lynn Sigler is obviously incredibly worried about getting work after the Sopranos ends next season.

Just a few years back a Jamie-Lynn Sigler nude scene on film would have been out of the question. The Sopranos star had been very forceful in denying that she would strip for any role. But now that appears to have changed according to reports.

The striking actress that plays the sexy but bratty mafia daughter from the HBO blockbuster ‘The Sopranos’ says she’ll go nude, with a little help from the vineyard.

According to Actress Archives, the 25-year-old admits she would need to drink alcohol before a scantily clad shoot to summon up extra courage, but adds her change in opinion over nude scenes is down to growing up.

Jesus, have a little more faith in yourself and maybe attend an audition or two before you get spread-eagled, Captain Self Esteem.