(Me Against The) Scott Pilgrim vs The World

August 9th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Michael Cera‘s new movie is getting rave reviews, transcending the actor from playing nerdy guys to playing, well…a less nerdy guy? Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is out this Friday, so be sure to get your ass to the theatre and see it.

Want to get in the spirit of the film? Play this retro game that’s basically Cera as Pac-Man and you can also see more about the film. Watch the trailer after the jump!

By Justin Thompson

  1. America

    This movie is complete boatshit junk. A total, unmitigated and unwanted failure and waste of American time and money. The fake boatshit troll hype won’t help the faggot makers of this propaganda junk any.

    You lose, skank boatshit.

  2. Ben jackson

    I don’t know what America hates about this movie so much but for me this was my favorite movie of all time.

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