McDreamy Has Still Got It! Patrick Dempsey Shows Off His Shirtless Bod In Cabo [PHOTOS]

Patrick Dempsey Is A Hero
The 'Grey's Anatomy' star rescued a teen car crash victim.
My, my, Patrick Dempsey. You sir are looking fabulous.

The Grey’s Anatomy star was spotted in Cabo yesterday (March 31) enjoying a Mexican Easter vacation with the family. Patrick was joined by gorgeous wife Jillian and their three kids. While his family is all well and good, we’re more focused on lounging Patrick showing off the goods.

Clearly he is enjoying himself. I mean, wouldn’t you enjoy yourself if you had that body? He’s 47-years-old and he is still that chiseled, buff and beautiful? That Patrick just knows how to make folks happy. So how many of you are still Grey’s Anatomy fans? 

I feel a little bad that I’ve been off and on with it for the past few years, but if we get to see lots of shirtless Patrick on it, then I might have come back!

Launch the gallery to check out all the best shirtless photos. Seriously, just the way he lays there is beautiful. Is he still totally McDreamy? Let us know in the comments!