Maybe Oksana Grigorieva Really Was Money Hungry?

TMZ is reporting that they got their hands on an agreement between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva signed last May in which she agreed that for a big chunk of money, she’d destroy ‘evidence’ of the shizz that went down between them.

The document says that Mel agreed to pay Oksana and Lucia approx. $15 million dollars once they handed over all documents, such as the infamous audio tapes, that had Gibson in them.

The signed document gives Oksana, among other things:

– $1 million when Oksana turns over of all of the “evidence”

– $10,000 per month for 18 additional years payable beginning on January 1, 2011.

– A $1 million life insurance policy on Mel

– The rights to their Getty picture deal

– All profits from Oksana’s album, totaling $17,112

There are strict confidentiality provisions attached that come with financial penalties for ‘non-compliance.’ However, when it came down to signing the formal, longer version of the document with all the specifics spelled out, Oksana refused because she didn’t want to give Mel any unsupervised time with Lucia. But even in the document she DID sign, it shows that Lucia would have been provided for through most of her young adult life.

So who knows…extortion or not? It’s still clear that Mel is a bastard who was just trying to cover up lots of crazy abuse, no matter the type.