Max Greenfield Talks Tiny Nipples and ‘New Girl’

Ryan Kwanten Surf's Up
Kwanten challenges shirtless superiority
Move over, Zooey Deschanel! You might’ve wooed us with your Joseph Gordon-Levitt ‘New Year’s Eve’ duet, but the real New Girl star we’re all talking about is Max Greenfield. Well, Max Greenfield’s tiny nipples to be exact.

Schmidt’s nips were the hot topic at Fox’s comedy TCA panel, held in Pasadena, California Sunday, when Raising Hope’s Greg Garcia recalled his son exclaiming, “Look at that guy’s nipples! They’re tiny!”

“Here’s the funniest part about the whole thing,” Greenfield told E! Online. “I knew that I was going to take my shirt off a bunch [on New Girl] so I actually had them downsized because that’s comedy. If you have the smallest nipples possible, that’s hilarious.”

Comic genius? 

For Greenfield, maybe. But for co-star Lamorne Morris, his non-existent nips are comedic as is, “I was born with small nipples and I’m dark, so my nipples just blend in with my skin. So it doesn’t look I have nipples,” said Morris. “I look like the black Silver Surfer—just all one even tone.”

One guy’s nip slip we wouldn’t mind seeing? Ryan Kwanten who guest stars on New Girl tonight as Jess’ newest love interest (replacing the sweet Justin Long aka Paul ::tear::).