Max Greenfield Looking Spiffy For Mr. Porter

Max Greenfield Joins Goop
Max Greenfield joins forces with Gwyneth Paltrow's goop.
Max Greenfield In His Underwear
Max Greenfield in his underwear.
Schmidt, is that you?

My oh my, Max Greenfield is looking sharp in his photo shoot for Mr. Porter.

Mr. Porter Journal reported that Greenfield is obsessed with the designer suit he was sent for the Golden Globes.

“I will never own a nicer piece of clothing in all of my life. You feel like a different man. That thing fits you in a way that you think – maybe I could kick some ass in this thing. Sometimes I just wear it around the house. I’m not proud of it, but every once in a while I’ll just put it on and say, ‘Honey, take a look at me in this thing.'” (Mr. Porter Journal)

Perhaps whenever Schmidt isn’t getting naked he can borrow the suit. Let him borrow it! Or at least one of these dashing outfits because they are looking A-OK, Mr. Max Greenfield.