Max Greenfield Joins Forces With Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP [PHOTOS]

Max Greenfield loves Gwyneth Paltrow and the feeling is clearly mutual, but they’re just interweb pen pals.  “We e-mail all the time but I’ve never met her. I just think her website [GOOP] is fun! And I think she’s fun!,” Greenfield told Us Weekly on the set of his new AXE “Susan Glenn” campaign.

By the way, GOOP is fun.  1% fun, but still fun.  The Emmy nominee had a brilliant idea that he ran by the Oscar winner.

“I had done a piece for GOOP a while back and I e-mailed her recently and said, ‘Hey, Gwyneth, what if my next piece for GOOP was me getting ready for the Emmys?'” he said of the actress, 39. “She was like, ‘Done!’ So now we are going to document it and put it on GOOP!”

Maybe I’ll try that. 

So how does it feel to score a nod for Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy?

“It takes a few phone calls from people for it to set in that it’s real,” Greenfield said. “I think the third person to tell me was Paul Rudd,” who Greenfield co-stars with in They Came Together. “And I remember having a feeling like, ‘I can’t believe this is happening! Two years ago I was auditioning for The Disney Channel, and now Paul Rudd is saying, ‘Hey man, congratulations on your Emmy nomination!'”


“I had to walk out of the trailer for a minute and to say, ‘What is happening with my life?'” Greenfield continued. “And then I had to go back in and say, ‘OK, let’s own this!”

“It was really nice to come home the next week to the family and say, “Hey guys, we did it!'”