Max Greenfield Channels Schmidt, Teaches SoulCycle Charity Indoor Cycling Classes [PHOTOS]

Back in April, Vulture came up with a mock workout video cover featuring New Girl’s Schmidt (Max Greenfield), who then took it upon himself to create a indoor cycling video.  What happened next was fitness magic.  SoulCycle was so jazzed about Greenfield’s perfect form that they posted his video on their site.

“SoulCycle put it on their site immediately and they’re tweeting me, ‘Oh my God, his spinning form is incredible,'” Greenfield told Vulture. “And I’m thinking, What is going on? And then Katie Couric tweets me and is like, ‘Your form’s impeccable, Max, everybody should check out this video,’ and I’m like,What is happening?

Greenfield quickly found himself teaching two spin classes in Los Angeles one weekend for charity.  Milk + Bookies was the recipient of a collaboration between Greenfield, Soul Cycle, Hello Giggles and IDPR.  Greenfield assured his class full of gals in tight gym clothes that there were no rules, and if they wanted to get up and dance, that was allowed.

The playlist was a indoor cyclists’ dream, mixing the old with the new.  Do you have Bieber fever?” Greenfield asked the room during “Somebody To Love.” “I certainly do. I’m suffering from it right now. He’s ninety-nine point adorable.  I tried to get the bangs like Bieber once, but it doesn’t work with this Jewish hair. But at least I tried, and that’s what I ask from all of you today: to try.” 

After admitting that this whole idea was all their fault, Vulture grabbed a few minutes with Greenfield post-cool down.  How is Schmidt’s penis doing?  Are he and Cece going to make it after all?  Would Schimdt ever find himself in bed with Jess?  “I think if it ever happened, it would be a misbegotten night,” he said of that particular situation. “I’ve always envisioned them as having a very brother/sister relationship, so it would be kind of weird. That’s like when Joey and Rachel got together!” EXACTLY!!!!!

Greenfield joined co-stars Jake M. Johnson, Zooey Deschanel, creator/executive producer Elizabeth Meriwether, Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simon at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ screening of New Girl at Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre  in North Hollywood last night (May 7th).  The sitcom’s season finale airs tonight on Fox.