Max George And The Wanted Mobbed By Fans In LA [PHOTOS]

British boy band, The Wanted were headed out of LAX yesterday (August 15) to catch a flight to Canada wrapping up their north American tour.The band was greeted by a group of female fans who rushed to an embrace with Max George who seemed to be the favorite among the five young artists in the group.

The band tweeted today, “Thank u to all who came to see us at the airport … security was very strict but we loved seeing u all there. Excited to be back in Canada!”

Each of the band members dressed in comfort wear for the flight. George,23, wore white sneakers, grey sweatpants and a worn-in tee.

The band recently went to twitter and wished students the best for their exam results for entrance into university. Cheryl Cole, Ricky Gervais and Jenson Button tweeted good luck messages to the students in the UK receiving score results today. 

“Special good luck goes out to all of you expecting exam results…we got our fingers crossed for you! x” the Chasing the Sun artists posted on their official twitter page.

Launch the gallery to view The Wanted at LAX airport greeted by fans !