Maui Recognizes Zac Efron Is A Shirtless Shining Star

Having just been crowned as the celebrity with the most amazing body by People Magazine, Zac Efron received another award last night at the kickoff to the Maui Film Festival.

‘Abs’ Efron received the Shining Star Award, which means…well, we don’t know what it means. The theme of the festival was ‘Trust The Future,’ so it probably means they think he’ll have a lengthy and promising career. Check out pics of Efron and actress Malin Ackerman, whom I love, at the opening night reception of the 2010 Maui Film Festival.

But I don’t know, once Matthew McConaughey got all buff, no one cared about his acting anymore. They just wanted to eat their dinner off his body. Guess Vanessa Hudgens got the last laugh afterall. Damn.

I’ll have to check out his acting chops in his upcoming film Charlie St. Cloud, out in July.