Matthew Morrison Has A Hot Bod

May it be newly decreed that Matthew Morrison shall not be henceforth allowed to wear a shirt, period. The Glee star recently revealed his chiseled physique in the new issue of Vogue, much to the surprise of his co-stars…and me! Seriously, he sang the National Anthem before the  New York
Mets and the New York Yankees game yesterday– why in god’s name is he not bare-chested? Listen to his performance after the jump.

“I saw those pictures and I was like, ‘Is this real? Is this really the Mr. Schuester who I’ve been walking past every single day?'” costar Naya Rivera said. who plays Santana Lopez. “I did not know this existed.”

She added, “The photos took me off guard. I was really surprised. But he looks amazing.”

Let’s just say, this can only increase the hit show’s ever-increasing popularity!