Matthew McConaughey’s Trailer Romance

April 16th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Always the romantic, Matthew McConaughey brought his current lady love, model Camilla Alves, back to his trailer after attending a friends party in Brentwood. This was after he showered in a public bathroom in an RV park where his Air-stream trailer is parked. He’s just so down to earth, isn’t he?


More photos of Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Jesse D

    There is down to earth, then there is icky. HE IS ICKY. And to all of my friends that think he’s hot – THE MAN DOESN’T WEAR DOEDORANT. E-VER. Gross, gross, gross.

  2. skinny fat

    He’s perfect for Britney!

  3. Nik

    Is it me or does she look like halle berry?

  4. Sarah

    Ummm…..well…….at least he showered?

  5. Jeanne

    Some people don’t smell as much as others. In general, fit and slender people don’t have body parts creating as much friction as fat people do. Matthew is always exercising, so he must bathe a lot. He said on TV he also brushes his teeth constantly. If you notice, he never lacks female company. Can’t smell too bad.

  6. IheartNY

    I’m just curious why she’s wearing an icky-colored evening gown to a trailer park. To match the astroturf, perhaps? And what the hell – does he live there?

  7. KS

    I am sorry to say but this isn’t brentwood but westwood. I live on that street. It really sucked when he and his g-friend was there the other day. the paps took all the parking spaces and was there almost all day!!!!

  8. lola

    I think that this might be the way he keeps himself grounded. I assume that once you become a celeb your private life is pretty much gone, and you find that the people surrounding you are more interested in using you to advance their own career rather than actually being a sincere friend.

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