Matthew McConaughey Shares Dad’s Sex Advice

The art of romancin’ was handed down to Matthew McConaughey by his father. And according to Matthew’s mother Kay, ol’ Jim McConaughey knew what he was talking about. The man had a way with the ladies. In fact, he was having his way with his lady when he kicked the bucket. And she was NOT complaining.

Before the dimpled Texan was the ladies man that we know him to be today, he had a lot to learn about the female anatomy. McConaughey described to Elle what it felt like the first time he…well, you know.

“I thought it was behind the pubic hair, and it faced horizontal. You know, east/west, not south. So the first time I got to third base, man, I was hunting for a long time,” he confessed. This was before GPS, you understand.

As for what knowledge his father imparted, Jim instructed his son to always leave women wanting more. McConaughey told Men’s Journal, “You do that, and you know what? Women do come back. They say, what? Nobody stops! They want to go out with you again. And eventually you don’t have to stop.”

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