Matthew McConaughey On The Set, At The Gym

Matthew McConaughey has been pretty busy lately. He is currently filming ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ in which he stars alongside Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillipe. Its a far cry from some of the random B movies he has made in the past. The one with the dwarf little brother was totally whack.

Seen here August 12th on the set of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ yesterday, then seen leaving the gym on the same day with Camilla Alves, the man knows how to keep up his GTL (gym, tan, laundry, i.e. Jersey Shore lingo). No one can deny he is a good looking gentleman. 
I can see why he settled down with Camilla, her whole bohemian gypsy hippie chic look here is freaking adorable.

According to OK, Matthew likes to keep his smile white by chewing on dental floss sticks. Random tip of the day.