Matthew McConaughey Is A Feminist

Wield that power, Matty! Matthew McConaughey told female extras on the set of his latest flick to lose the tops and they’d get paid more . Being Hollywood, bitches knew they studied at the Actor’s Studio for that very purpose. Once the jugs were apparent, Matty then told them they had to make out with each other. Didn’t he play this creep version of himself on “Sex and the City”?

With the female extras in all their bare-bosomed glory, Matt then requested girl-on-girl action for the scene. Sources tell TMZ that his request was not met with any complaints and only one extra left the set.

Matthew then began circling the female extras and throwing dollar bills at them as they competed in a eat a hot dog on a string contest while wearing high heels or whatever ill fantasy this man’s man could come up with next.