Matthew McConaughey Gets It ON!

May 24th, 2007 // 14 Comments

We have been following Matthew McConaughey’s “Surfer Dude” antics religiously – you can see the other photos sets here and here. Well it looks like Matthew finally go some action on the set. Matthew McConaughey and Alexi Gilmore had a kissing scene and after that they went for a
tumble in the sand. Looks like that had fun.


More photos of Matthew McConaughey on and off the “Surfer Dude” set after the jump.

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By Jessica Marx

  1. Jane

    Ewww. I hope they pay her well.

  2. green cardigan

    Nah, he just doesn’t have it, whatever it is. It’s all about the body with him. He can flash as much muscled flesh as he wants and I still don’t buy it.

    At least he’s clean shaven though, it’s a change from the usual photos we see of him wandering around outside on the street, barefoot and brushing his teeth.

  3. Charlotte

    He’s gross. Whenever I see him I immediately flash back to that horrible cameo he had in Sex & the City. He was so revolting in that that I could never possibly think he’s apppealing.

  4. jannre

    I used to like him, but hes gone over the edge lately, seems to be having mental issues..and he is only interested in showing off his body.

  5. he looks like a caveman!

  6. maureen

    I have not had one hot thought about him since I heard he RARELY BATHES–gaaah!–he does always look like he smells. I hope for Ms. Gilmore’s sake that they at least hosed him off before this.

  7. Loob

    Yuck… he makes me ill.
    That might possibly be because he told Oprah that his MOTHER says he smells way sexy and shouldn’t bother with things like deoderant. Yeah, it might be that.

  8. BARF

    Was he in Nam?

  9. NuggetBrain

    Good Lord, it looks like he’s eating her face. What a horrible kiss – I hope they cut that shit.

  10. Stinky Minky

    LOL! I love Barf’s comment… Yeah, he’s lost whatever made him People’s Sexiest Man 50 years ago. It almost looks like one of the homeless guys on Ventura Beach up and nabbed a tourist to get his freak on. Yech – pass.

  11. Come on you guys! He’s hot!

  12. MadCat

    What is wrong with you people?!? My gawd he’s HOT! A real man…not some sissy Hollywood clone. Matthew is a REAL man. That is the most erotic sequence of pictures…Lucky girl!!

  13. Carly

    I think that these pics are sexy. He still looks good to me!

  14. Rebecca Abbott

    OMG come on people he’s very hot, gosh what I’d give for a kiss from him!!! Surfer, dude was not his best movie but to see him in the buff, It was worth it, wow… I don’t care what some people think he’s hot, wish my hubby looked like that.

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