Matthew McConaughey Running On The Beach

February 27th, 2006 // 13 Comments

First rule of hair club is y’all don’t talk about hair club. [The Corsair]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Small Fry


  2. Dr. tia

    I truly despise this man.

  3. tansy

    Gorgeous…hair or no. But he’s been in a lot of crap movies recently. I am looking forward to that movie about Marshall University.

  4. Hahahaaaa! I’m going to tell Mateo that. He’s receding big time.

  5. anon

    dr tia? you must be a total freak. i have never in my life heard of anyone who doesn’t like MM. he is the bomb!

    methinks “dr tia” is an ugly jealous man!

  6. Anna

    He was really not enthused about his new movie with SJP. Said she had “great comedic timing” and then when pressed, said something about her being peculiar. Sounds like “Failure to Launch” will likely be grounded at the box office, too. I’m not planning to see it in a theater. He’s HOT but I’ll wait for cable.

  7. Dr. tia

    ANON … dont talk shit about Britney Spears anymore. She married K-fed who is ” white trash” what the fuck do you think MM is then? He doesn’t wear deorderant, his hair looks a hot mess, and he looks like he takes showers once a month OH AND HIS MOVIES SUCK !!!!!!!!!!! I’d rather listen to freakin popozao from k-fed then stare at dirty ass MM. I’m entitled to my own opinion bitch and my opinion is that MM is a horrible excuse for a man. So FUCK OFF !!!

  8. Mack Attack

    Dr. Tia needs help everybody. She is probably getting some for what? you ask. For her eyes since she can’t seem to see. First off he had some great movies. I’ll name one for you A time to kill. And another thing if Oprah said he smells good he must. Because right now I think I can smell your attitude from here. It stinks.

  9. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    hey cant we all get along!-pictures of bare chested men running are supposed to bring a smile to everyones faces – spreading a little bit of shallow joy to all-enough with the hate peeps its just a photo! : )

  10. Shelly


    I’m sorry your so unhappy that you need to bash some man you’ll never have a hope of truly knowing. Does life really treat you that badly??

    It’s a sad thing. Most of all bashing a man with such a great attitude toward life. How he smells, looks and where he comes from shouldn’t be held up by a stranger who’s never met him. The fact is, he’s a decent sort by all accounts and has earned what he’s got honestly. More than I can say for most of the country, rich or poor.

  11. I hate the smirking bastard.

  12. Mack Attack

    I agree shelly too much hating going on with Dr Tia and Theresa. They might else well find something better to do than visit this blog to throw insults. Man it stinks in here.

  13. SnowstormMatt

    Matt is hot, HOT ,better than a lot of men I’ve seen.

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