Matthew McConaughey Is Unique

February 17th, 2006 // 27 Comments

Here is something you didn’t know. Matthew McConaughey says he never uses deodorant and makes his own cologne. Now that’s just strange. Maybe Penelope enjoys a stinky man.

Matthew McConaughey claims the language barrier between him and girlfriend Penelope Cruz has helped their relationship.

The heartthrob actor and the Spanish beauty have been together for 18 months – and Mathew insists speaking in different tongues makes things more interesting.

He said: “It’s not difficult to communicate when we speak a different language. If anything, it’s been an asset.
“When I speak Spanish, I choose my words very carefully. Instead of saying ‘I am from Chicago’, I may say: ‘My first days in this world were in the city with the wind’. All of a sudden you frame this little poetic thing.”

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    I don’t care what language he wants to speak, so long as he’s naked and the words ‘I’ ‘want’ ‘to’ ‘screw’ and ‘you’ come out of his mouth… he’s hot. Any guy who looks like that and sits around playing the bongos naked is aces in my book (wow- what a sad little book I must have, huh?)

    (and yeah yeah yeah- I know all about Penelope being his beard and yadda yadda- its Friday, people. And I’m trapped in a sensory deprivation chamber called a ‘cubicle’… Don’t burst my sad little sex bubble.)

  2. There is no way that man is gay… nope, its not possible… I refuse to believe it. Especially b/c he doesn’t use deodorant… I mean, really, have you ever met a gay man who is not at all times clean and tidy?? Not me.

  3. Dr. tia

    This is exactly why I think Matthew McConaughey is just as bad as k-fed. He didnt have to get some girl pregnant and then dump her or get rich off some chick. The reason why he is the same as k-fed is because neither one of them take the time to clean themselves. Their disgusting men inside and out and I hope Britney and Penelope find someone way better.

  4. CD

    FYI – If you use deodorant, your body becomes addicted to it and you start to smell a lot quicker than someone who never used the stuff. You’d smell me a mile away before you smelled Mr. McConaughey because I’ve been using the stuff since I was 13 years old.

  5. Girly Girl

    Dr. tia,

    Get a grip. Matty is not even in the same skate park as K-Fed. K-Fed left his preggers gfriend to bang Miss Thang… whom he eventually impregnated as well (GREAT argument for forced sterilization right there).

    Matt may smell like shit, but KFed IS a shit. Big difference.


    p.s. I won’t even go into the ‘wigger’ corn rows… I’ve known trailer park trash classier than that assclown. Blech!

  6. sweetpetite

    Are you serious? The natural man odor of a lot of super hot guys is a total turn on. It is nature’s way of saying “GET IT ON.” Of course, if you have bad hygene you will be full of bacteria that will smell terrible. There is a difference. I bet the guy takes a lot of showers. Ladies, this goes the same for you. Men love the way a woman naturally smells. Nobody should cover it up with perfumes and products. If you are going to wear deoderant, do everyone a favor and make sure it is unscented. Don’t believe the marketing hype. xoxoxox

  7. Bouj

    Please stop spinning the deodorant thing. He stinks. My buddy’s fiance is a concierge at the Country Club McConaughey belongs to in Austin, and she said (and more than once) he stinks, and not a little nit. Like serious BO, and you can smell him coming if he’s coming of the golf course.

  8. Matt is FOINE!!!

    Girly Girl…I’m there with you. He’s hot. He may be gay or whatever….but I’d still hit that….I’d give him a sponge bath if he’d let me.

    My husband doesn’t use deodorant, but he doesn’t stink. Maybe some people don’t have strong body odor.

  9. Mack Attack

    First off if he did stink that would have been going around long before he said he didn’t use deodarant and another thing the man is a hyigene freak. He carries his toothbrush everywhere with him. I could understand the golf thing too. Come on he playing golf he is gone sweat. Oprah said the man smell good. So whoever friend fiance said what needs to think before they speak.

  10. Madi

    I can’t understand either of them. Matt has a true Texas accent..not digging Penelope’s “me speak no English” accent either. Now Selma Hayek sounds exotic.

    I will agree he’s HOT!! He can spray shit on himself and I’d still hit it.

  11. Pache

    I’ve never known a man from Texas that didn’t wear deodorant. You have to here or else you’re gonna stink but then again, Mexico stinks so maybe that’s why it’s not bothering his girlfriend. And speaking in a different tongue is just not what you do in Texas and the boy knows it. Oh, and we lived in the same town in Texas and I know he had to use deodorant then or someone would have kicked his ass for sure.

  12. Penelope is from Spain moron....

    not Mexico

  13. Lane

    Dumbass. Same thing. Mexico or Spain, they’re still from out of town and don’t speak English.

  14. Mack Attack

    You guys sound so ignorant and racist. Just shut up. And Lane it is not the same thing.

  15. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    he must still be smoking the good stuff: coming out with all that “my first days on this earth were in the city of the wind” crap, no wonder she cant understand him !!! still i dont think they do much talking, not with Matthew looking so fit!

  16. Dot

    Girly Girl…

    What is “wigger corn rows,” if I may inquire???

  17. Lyn

    hah! The man is a ditz, give him a break. I thank god his photos aren’t scratch and sniff though, that’s for sure.

  18. gwenny

    He didn’t say he didn’t WASH…he just said he didn’t use deoderant. If you use a good antibacterial soap, and wash well, you can get thru a day un-funky. With a few pit stops and some body wipes, even more so. If you keep your pits clean, the bacteria have nothing to feed on in order to create odor…

  19. kremykrem

    Oh heck naw did yall say, he’s gay and stinks?
    I know yall are wrong for that..
    Dude is a serious hotty.. hell.. even if he did have a little sweaty BO.. woohoo! who cares..
    Just look at him.. God lawd! Is it getting hot in here or what?
    Loving me some Matthew!

  20. Kremykrem


  21. SnowstormMatt

    A man,that’s right,and What a man…………..mmmmmmmm

  22. James

    I was wondering if anyone saw the interview with Barbra Walters that Aired on March 1st. If you did do you remember the book he mentioned that he read and changed how he presented himself? Thanks in adavance.

  23. SnowstormMatt

    The book is the greatest salesman by Og Mondino.

  24. junglegirljlt

    The deodorant thing again? Can’t anyone give it a rest? He said on Oprah that the women in his life like the way he smells, and when he was on Leno, he said that yes, sometimes he does stink, who doesn’t? Have you ever worn a deodorant that didn’t work? Or wore off?

    I have read The Greatest Saleman in the World by Og Madino and plan on getting Part 2 soon.

    Matthew has been the Sexiest Man Alive for me for 10 years and he will be that for me forever! like he said his Mom said when he told her…It’s about damn time!



  26. wizardo

    What’s the point of his coming out and saying he doesn’t wear deodorant unless he thinks everyone else should stop wearing deodorant too. If he just happened to be the one in a million person who doesn’t have much body odor then he wouldn’t try to apply that to everyone else and assume they too could get by without it. He’s clearly saying that on a philosophical level he’s opposed to deodorant for whatever reason, I suspect it’s some misguided sense of machismo not dissimilar to PETA and their insane ideas that animals and humans are the same and deserve the same rights.

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