Matthew Perry And Ellen DeGeneres Call A Topless Maid Service [VIDEO]

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Ellen DeGeneres is known for being wildly hilarious and hosting an amazing show with an extremely energetic audience. The episode of her show which premiered Monday with guest star and former Friends star, Matthew Perry, proved to be no exception to the rule.

After DeGeneres saw a truck for a topless maid service, she decided to call, and then tell Perry about her experience. Like most men, he was immediately captivated by what she was talking about. During a commercial break, they called the service and hilarity ensued.

The two got to speak to an employee from the service who was a big Friends fan. She tells them about what services they offer and mentions that they have topless men employees too. Perry’s interest level seems to decrease immediately, which isn’t surprising. He and Ellen are both more intrigued with the talk of the women.

Now I can’t help but wonder if Perry will be hiring them next time he needs his house cleaned.