Matthew Morrison Working With Elton John On Solo Album

Matthew Morrison may be making the switch to the music world now that he’s found big-time fame with Glee, collaborating with none other than Elton John. And that’s not the only mega-celeb he’s been “working” with: the adorable actor was spotted out on the town last night with Cameron Diaz! Is A-Rod no more? Has Cameron put her bad boy days behind her?

But back to the music (at least for now!). John admitted that he will definitely be a part of Morrison’s new venture.

“I’m supposed to be doing something with Matthew Morrison for his album,” John told EW. “[Matthew and I] had a little meeting together, so hopefully that’s going to happen when I get to L.A.”

Sadly, the collaboration doesn’t go both ways: don’t expect Elton John to join the illustrious list of Glee guest stars.

“I love Glee, but no, no, no,” the singer said. “Of course, I’d be into that. It’s always great when someone covers your songs, no matter how good or bad the version is.”

So why not? Maybe he just hasn’t been asked yet. Somehow I feel an Elton ep (and a Cameron Diaz cameo) aren’t too far off…