Matthew Morrison Wants Adele On ‘Glee’

E!‘s Marc Malkin caught up with Matthew Morrison Friday night UCLA’s Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation “Taste For A Cure,” and Glee was on the agenda.  Last week, American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis tweeted that watching the show was like walking in a “puddle of HIV.” When Malkin asked Morrison what he thought of the tweet, Mr. Schue just said, “Who’s that?”  While I personally find the tweet offensive, Morrison turned it into a positive: “You know what?  That means the show is good if people have not nice things to say—and amazing things to say. It keeps people talking, you know? That’s going to be a part of the show.”

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Switching gears away from tweets that make you go “uhh,” Morrison talked about wanting Adele on Glee.  “I’m obsessed with her,” he told Malkin. “She’s awesome. She’s incredible. Have you heard her stuff? Enough said.” Yes, she is.  And apparently Gwyneth Paltrow will cover one of her singles, “Turning Tables,” tomorrow night.

Morrison also said that they’re in the middle of filming the much-anticipated prom episode.  Everything is pretty much under lock-and-key, but Mike O’Malley (who play’s Kurt’s dad, Burt) confirmed at the GLAAD Media Awards that Kurt is going to prom.  Alas, he couldn’t say anything else.  “Do you want me to get fired?” he jokingly asked? Hells to the no!