Matthew Morrison Uses Body Lotion In His Hair, Is Friends With A Royal

Matthew Morrison has become kind of a big deal across the pond, making friends with Kelly Brook, Elton John, Dave Clark and Princess Beatrice.  How does he know the fifth-in-line/first-female-in-line to the throne?  “I know her because I’m really good friends with her boyfriend Dave Clark,” Morrison, spotted at LAX August 8th, told the Daily Mail.  “Actually, I went to the Royal Lodge in Windsor where they live. Prince Andrew and Fergie were there.”

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You fancy, huh?  Another thing we learned about the Glee star?  He uses body lotion in his hair.  “I actually squirt body lotion on my hair. Feel it, it’s soft,” Morrison instructed journalist Spencer Bright, who later described Morrison’s coif as “thick curly on top and springy.”  Mr. Schue continued, “I was using gel or products for a little while, and one day I ran out of them when I was at college, and body lotion was the only thing there so I put it on my hair and it was like: ‘Oh, this is great.'”

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One part of the interview that intrigued us the most?  His fling with Olivia Munn, who he was spotted kissing at a hockey game.  Are they an item?  “‘Just a friend.’ No love interest? ‘Not now…’ he mumbles.'” Hmmmmmm.