Matthew Morrison Keeps It Cute With His Bow Tie As He Serenades The Sayers Club

Matthew Morrison Shirtless
The 'Glee' star takes off his shirt for GQ.
Ooo, would you look at that! Matthew Morrison is definitely rocking that bow tie.

The star of Glee was out on the town last night as he sang up at storm at the Sayers Club in Hollywood. Basically, if you’re a young, hot celebrity and you weren’t at the MySpace party, you were watching Matthew Morrison rock the stage.

Matthew was joined by a few of his Glee co-stars, including the super sexy Harry Shum Jr. Have we discussed how much I love Harry Shum Jr.? Because we should. 

Now back to Matthew. Clearly the bow tie was a big deal for him, as he Tweeted this gem:

Guys, tying a bow tie is super hard. So, I’m liking this press tour that Matthew is on for his new album. Especially because it brought him into the SOCIALITE LIFE offices! Look out for the interview!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the Sayer’s Club event. Is that Colton Haynes being hot? Yes it is!