Matthew Morrison Didn’t Want To Be Famous

Pretty people have problems too, you know?

The fame monster seems to be leaving our precious Matthew Morrison a little bit jaded, especially now that his new solo album dropped this week.

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“I never dreamed of seeing my name in lights. I wanted to be an actor but I never wanted fame and I was fine with that. I worked steadily and I had respect from my fellow actors…but this show, Glee…it’s a monster.”

Umm, duh. But, isn’t it surprising that he didn’t think he was going to be famous? I mean, look at all that swagger he oozes onstage at the Goodman Theatre Anniversary Gala in Chicago this weekend.

Although I’m bummed he won’t be joining the cast on the Glee tour, don’t think I won’t be stalking him out when he opens for NKOTBSB this summer. Best. Mashup. Ever. If only he’ll get bold enough to cover Hanging Tough.