Matthew Morrison And Gwyneth Paltrow Make Sweet, Sweet Music Together

Matthew Morrison put in a favor with Oscar winner/Glee resident guest star Gwyneth Paltrow for his upcoming album, according to US MAGAZINE.  Smart move, considering her burgeoning music career is on the up and up.  Morrison and Paltrow will get together on “Over The Rainbow,” a tune Morrison’s character sang during last year’s season finale.  Morrison was pleased with the finished product, telling Entertainment Weekly, “I wanted to do a duet with a female. I thought that was a good song to do, and we really did a different arrangement of it. It’s a lot of strings, and it’s beautiful.”

What to do when you become quite famous and hob-nob with legendary singers?  Hit them up for a spot on your new album, derr.  Morrison admitted, “The hardest part of doing this album was asking these people favors, like Elton [John] and her. I’m so not that guy.”

Oh, who cares.  Be that guy and ask Sir Elton to grab a mic.  It’s a story for the grandkids.  Morrison gave fans a taste of his musical wonderment during a performance at The Grove in Los Angeles January 29th.

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Feeling nostalgic?  Check out a video of Morrison performing “Over The Rainbow” with Puck (Mark Salling) last season on Glee.