Free Will: Matthew Morrison Opens Up About His Role On Glee And His Album

Matthew Morrison, one of the stars of the hit show Glee, just released his debut album last month. Known for his role as Will Schuester, the singing, dancing Spanish teacher and head of glee club, Morrison, 32, is now making strides as a musician on his own accord.

Instead of touring with the rest of the Glee cast on the “Glee Live!” tour this summer, Morrison is joining the New Kids On The Block and hopes to find success in his solo career.

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The U.K.’s Mirror interviewed Morrison about which Glee character he was most similar to in high school, fame, post-Glee plans, and words of advice. Below are  some of our favorite quotes from the article.

Morrison on what he was like in high school:

“I was like Finn in Glee. I was popular, I performed the lead in all the shows, but I also played soccer. I was really torn, but my teacher, my Mr. Schuester, said he thought I was special and should go for it.”

Morrison’s thoughts on fame:

“I don’t necessarily like it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Once you’re famous you can’t go back. I really enjoyed my struggle and I’m proudest of my theatre work as it was always my dream to be a Broadway star. But I never wanted to be famous. I’m a home boy, I love cooking, drinking wine and entertaining friends at home.”

Morrison’s post-Glee plans:

“I don’t think anyone wants to be in a role forever. Although Glee is amazing, I have so much in the tank that is just hungry to go. That’s why I wanted to do the album and go on tour. It’s my chance to be in front of a live audience. I’ll probably do another couple of seasons of Glee, but I really want to get back on stage in the theatre.”

Words of advice he would give to his high school self:

“Stay true to yourself and keep your friends close. Also – and this is something I need to do more – enjoy it. Sometimes I feel like this whole Glee thing is so crazy and busy it’s just passing me by.”

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