Matthew Morrison Releases New Single “Summer Rain”

Matthew Morrison debuted his brand new single “Summer Rain” this morning on Ryan Seacrest’s website, after a wild night of partying at the Oscars.

“I’ve always wanted to do an album and with the success of Glee, it’s kind of afforded me the opportunity to make that happen,” Morrison said. However, his vibe is decidedly not trying to emulate the hit TV show.”I think in the begining I was trying to gear it towards the ‘Glee’ audience, to make it a kind of poppy, vibrant. But then I started writing those kind of songs and it didn’t resonate with me … The album has evolved greatly.” So how is it?

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I place it somewhere between bad Jason Mraz and white guy R. Kelly, which is to say, it’s horrific. One of the lyrics is literally, “Your eyes are beggin’ me to touch you there / Could be a thousand people watchin’ but we don’t care.” I did not know it was possible to be both schmaltzy and sleazy, but, there you have it. Listen after the jump.