Matthew McConaughey’s Disappointing Men’s Health Cover [PHOTOS]

What? No shirltess cover. Since becoming a father we have seen less and less of his washboard abs. This makes me very sad. He does make up for the lack of skin with some colorful answers to interview questions.

PHOTOS: Matthew McConaughey Welcomes Summer With Shirtless Tennis

Use the read more link below to hear what Matthew told Men’s Fitness about his workout philosophy, his diet and his relationship with Camila Alves.

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His workout philosophy:
McConaughey’s mother always told him, “If it’s light outside, you must be out of the house.” This partly wxplains why he prefers outdoor workouts (jungles and trails) instead of training in a gym, and why for years tabloid paps have snapped pics of his lean, muscular, and shirtless physique running, running and running some more – usually on a beach. “It’s always been a lifestyle,” he says. “Then it became something that was like, ‘Hey, it’s also good for my job.’ I’m not a professional athlete, but I have a job where I like to look good and be as healthy as possible.”

Hiking in French Polynesia with Camila Alves:
“We went up 3,000 feet and I had on hiking shoes and I was all set up and ready to go and she was wearing Havaianas sandals and a white skirt. I came down to the bottom of that hill afterward and had blood on me, muddy as all get-out, and that girl didn’t have a speck of dust on her.”

His Diet:
“You can’t put me in front of a buffet line and tell me to eat right. If it’s there, I’m going to fill that plate up.”

Still, McConaughey says his clan eats healthy whenever possible. He and Camila do their own cooking, often with fresh ingredients from their backyard garden. For a snack, Matthew might eat a red pepper or an avocado, which quells the urge for chocolate. Come mealtime, he usually allows himself unlimited amounts of salad, topped with a dressing made with white vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard, shallots and garlic. He rounds out the meal with brown or Indian rice, plus a touch of pickled pepper sauce. For protein, the family may have grilled fish or chicken breasts four days in a row, but homemade sauces and seasonings from three different continents give the main course distinctive tastes.

His relationship with Camila:
“It’s all working out good, man. Working out real good.” The time just had to be right, he says.