Matthew McConaughey Shares His Wisdom With His Little Man Levi, Hangs With The Family [PHOTOS]

McConaughey Shirtless
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I’ve always loved Levi McConaughey for some reason. He seems like a pretty down to earth kid, who I’m sure when he grows up will be an amazing nude Bongo player.

Matthew McConaughey, along with Levi, his daughter Vida and wife Camilla Alves, who is pregnant with his second child, enjoyed a day yesterday (August 26, 2012) on the coast along the West Side Highway in New York City.

The family dog was along for the putting, and Levi enjoyed a little ride on his daddy’s shoulders. At one point Matthew seemed to be having a little one on one chat with Levi, who was seen carrying a map around with him. Such a curious little boy.

Matthew, 42, spoke of his excitement about his expanding family. 

“It’s a very good year right now,” he told Mail Online at the premiere of his film Magic Mike last month. I’ve got two healthy ones and one on the way.”

McConaughey is about to begin filming The Dallas Buyer’s Club, costarring two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank. McConaughey will soon play an HIV positive patient in the film, which is the reason for his recent weight loss.