Matthew McConaughey On ‘Magic Mike:’ “I Gotta Dance, Man”

Obviously we’re out-of-control excited about Magic Mike, but what we’re really looking forward to most is Matthew McConaughey’s performance as all-male strip club owner Dallas.  This, methinks, is McConaughey’s movie.

“When Soderbergh first called and pitched me the part, I just laughed and said yes,” the Texas native told The Advocate.  “On the phone, I asked, ‘Do you have any initial direction for me to go on?’  He took a deep breath and said, ‘Well, you really can’t go wrong.’ So I just took off and flew with this guy. I was going for Jim Morrison meets A Clockwork Orange, because he’s like a deity in his own mind.”

The thong!  The thong!  What about that thong! It’s a great thong. We took a lot of time designing it because the thong’s your armor, man. It’s your sword. Well, I guess it’s really the sheath for the sword.”

Does McConaughey know how excited the gays are about this movie?  “Well, I would hope and reckon so. They should be pumped, and they should come out in droves, because they won’t be let down. I think they’ll come out more excited then they came in. I look forward to hearing the chatter of the gay community after they see it, including their answer to your question of who’s the hottest.” 

On his first exposure to gay people: “In high school I was a jock, popular, good-looking, in student council, had a girlfriend — I was that guy. But I also had a friend who was a gay gothic chick, so she was outcast because she was gay and because she was goth with the tattoos and the piercings. But she was also really fuckin’ cool and smart. I would always invite her out with my group, but it was hard for her to come on her own, so mostly we would hang out separately. So I crossed the tracks back and forth with her. There was also a guy that was gay, and he was a loner, and I remember talking up for him when some guys were picking on him.”

On how he’d react if one of his kids came out: That’s got to be really hard for a child, even if they think the parents’ reaction is going to be great. I’d sit down, talk to them, and ask them to walk me through how they knew, because I’d want to be open about it. There’s nothing in me that can understand disowning your child because they’re gay. You deal with it, you support them, and you also help prepare them for how some people in the world will treat and think of them. I don’t think you can sugarcoat it, because they will run into some adversity and roadblocks.

How his view of the gay community has changed since high school: “Growing up, I really believed that homosexuality was environmental and cultural. Getting older and being in the film business, where there are probably more gays per capita, but also in meeting openly gay men and women in smaller towns across the south, I much more believe how much DNA has to do with it. I’ve had some great conversations with a lot of gay people about being gay, when they knew, how they came out, and how they live. I’ve also talked to some gay people who aren’t yet comfortable coming out, and boy, that’s got to be more than a daily fuckin’ headache. What a weight to carry on your shoulders. It’s all very interesting to me on a human level, because we’re all in this together.”