Matthew McConaughey Looks Gorgeous For Variety, Almost Wasn’t Considered For ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

Co-Star Similarity
Jared Leto also talked to Variety about Dallas Buyers Club.
Sometimes a hiatus can be detrimental to one’s career. People lose interest in you and you become irrelevant in the business.

The opposite has proved to be true for Dallas Buyers Club hottie, Matthew McConaughey.

After consecutive years of success, he took a self-imposed hiatus. The actor shared his experience refusing great jobs. “I would get sent things and the paychecks were great, and I would say no. Then, they quit sending them altogether.”

His message finally got through. Countless refusals may have helped him, but how?

While speaking to Variety, he opened up about how new people began taking interest in them. He explained, “all of a sudden, I became a good idea for people like William Friedkin and Steven Soderbergh — people who hadn’t called before, who maybe wouldn’t have seen me as a good idea three years before.”

With the two previously mentioned men, he acted in Killer Joe and Magic Mike. The latter film is getting a sequel. Who’s willing to see Dallas back in this lighthearted film?

His role in The Dallas Buyers Club, almost wasn’t given to him. Director Jean-Marc Vallee didn’t think he was the correct actor to portray Ron Woodroof. He admitted, “I read the script and said, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t see Matthew McConaughey. This is so not him.’’

Now, of course, we know McConaughey was the right actor for the role.

The diet he chose to lose forty pounds isn’t as nearly as scary as it seems.  “I ate well. Just very small amounts. Five ounces of fish, twice a day. Cup of vegetables, twice a day. The secret is, I gave myself four months,” the actor shared. See? Not too bad.

Can you imagine the Oscar-nominated film without its lead actor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!