Matthew McConaughey Almost Became A Lawyer Instead Of Actor

Matthew McConaughey has played a lot of characters, but his portrayal of a courtroom attorney in the new film The Lincoln Lawyer is not too far from reality.

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McConaughey, seen with wife Camilla Alves and castmates at the premiere of The Lincoln Lawyer in Hollywood, shared at a recent press junket that as a college student he wanted to pursue a law degree. He changed his mind, however, when he realized that going to school for another 3-4 years was not going to be any fun. He told reporters:

“I think I was 21, and I said, ‘Wait a minute- a couple more years of this, four more years of law school, I get out and I will be 28 before I actually have a job and am practicing what I want to do? I don’t want to miss my 20s”

He goes on to say that he wanted to “make some sort of imprint in society” in his 20’s and that he “didn’t have the patience or the want to go to another six years of just education.” He made the swith to film and “I am happy I did.”

It is really a bummer to crooks around the world he didn’t become a lawyer, I’m sure he’d know just how to sweet talk the judge into letting his clients go. If Lindsay Lohan had Matthew McConaughey representing her, I’m sure she’d be off the the hook. How could any judge say no to that beautiful face?