Matthew McConaughey And Levi Go For A Run On The Beach [PHOTOS]

Commando Matthew?
Is Matthew McConaughey going commando?
Matthew McConaughey and son Levi enjoyed a little run on the beach today (May 30, 2012) in Malibu, California. The little guy had a huge smile on his face as hie chased his daddy.

The actor is enjoying a revitalization in his acting career. He spoke with USA Today about the different roles he has taken on in the past year.

“I’m looking to shake things up,” says McConaughey, 42, who did just that when he made his debut at the recent Cannes Film Festival with the edgy films Mud and The Paperboy.

“They have some good shock value to them,” says McConaughey of his upcoming roles.

In his film The Paperboy, he plays a self-loathing, gay newspaper reporter hiding his promiscuous sexual behavior. In the film he has a scene in which he’s discovered naked, gagged and bloody on a plastic tarp in a seedy hotel room.

He insists he didn’t hesitate to take the part when approached by writer-director Lee Daniels. “The one thing I insisted on (with Daniels) was it had to be more than shock. Because when you cast me for this part,” he says, “there is going to be an inherent shock value.”

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