Matthew Lewis Celebrates The End Of ‘Harry Potter’

As millions of viewers flock to theaters to say farewell to a decade of  the Harry Potter films, the real question is what’s next? Fans, young and old alike have spent years following the books and films. However, for the many young actors depicted in the films, this is the first time they have a future outside of Hogwarts and the world of Harry Potter. Beginning their careers as pre-teens and completing the project as young adults, the world is at their feet. Michael Lewis, the film’s Neville Longbottom, has blossomed into quite the cute young gentleman and the series fans are taking notice. “‘We’ve been queuing all morning to see him. He’s the real hero of the film,’ Zoe Williams, 18, from Cronulla told AAP, before bursting into tears at the sight of Lewis.”

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The fans were waiting at The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney Australia for a sneak preview of the Harry Potter exhibition hosted by Warner Brothers. This is the first location of the exhibit outside of North America and will boast many attractions. “Those suffering Harry Potter withdrawal symptoms can ease the pain at the exhibition by playing with a quaffle in the Quidditch area, sitting in Hagrid’s chair in his hut and pulling their own mandrake in the Herbology vignette.”

In addition the exhibition includes hundreds of costumes and props used throughout the films for close examination for the many onlookers. “It’s not just a little room full of objects. They’ve got the Hogwart’s Express in there, they’ve re-created the Great Hall,’ Lewis said. The scale of it is enormous,” said Michael. While it may be hard for all those on the project to say goodbye, the work they have created will live through many generations and have provided a new pool of excellent actors for films to come.