Matthew Fox Is Kind Of An Ass

The Daily Mail interviewed Lost’s Matthew Fox, climbing mountains high and rivers deep to get to his adopted hometown of Bend, Oregon.  They then took the interview to London, where Fox made his West End debut in Neil Labute’s A Forest, Dark and Deep opposite British actress Olivia Williams.  The two attended a launch for the play at the Vaudeville Theater in London last November.  After reading the interview, I came across Celebitchy’s take on the piece.  And might I say, CB was spot-on about Fox-He sounded snotty and pretentious.  A few of my favorite snide excerpts, if you will:

“I get to say some outrageous stuff about U2 in this play. My character used to like U2. Now he thinks they’re rubbish, and I think he’s right. Everything they’ve released in the last 15 years sounds so overdone. Also, he believes passionately that rock stars shouldn’t try to save the world. I tend to agree with him. Rock stars should stick to being good rock stars.”

Ok, then!  There might be an explanation for Fox’s “I’m over this” behavior.  He grew up in pretty sparse surroundings and had to drive 45 miles to school each day (which might be the equivalent to walking three miles in the snow.  Uphill).  By the time he was sixteen, Fox had already lost ten friends to either suicide, bar fights or drunk driving.  His father refused to let him go the way of his friends, and sent the future television star to boarding school.  Fox then attended Columbia University and was heading into a career on Wall Street before “drifting into acting.”

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The whole interview made Fox sound burly and sporty, but very bitter about the whole concept of Hollywood.  For someone who isn’t THAT big a name, Fox sure thinks he’s too good for the game.