Matt Leinert Likes The Trashy Ones

Hollyscoop reports about the possibility that Matt Leinart could now be teeming with venereal disease. This one is so full of chocolatey goodness that I’m still licking the wrapper and shivering.

Is Paris Hilton getting back at former BFF Britney Spears? The heiress was spotted last night with football player Matt Leinart at club Les Deux. Although the two didn’t arrive together it looks like they might have left hand in hand.

Our Hollyscoop snoopers tell us exclusively that Matt had his own table at the club right next to Paris Hilton’s. Matt apparently went up to Lindsay Lohan (who just had surgery) and the two chatted for a bit. After awhile, Matt and Paris exchanged their hellos and were spotted locking lips. Our sources reveal, “the two were walking around the club holding hands.” Our sources say there was definitely something going on between the two. This is not the first hook up for Paris and Matt, the two have dated in the past.

That’s right, he might have had all three in the Fame Victim Whore Troika.

More on Matt’s hooking up escapades after the jump.


What makes this story so interesting is that Matt was rumored to have hooked up with Paris Hilton’s ex best friend Britney Spears last week in Arizona. Although on Wednesday, Matt and Britney were spotted at Club Les Deux by our Hollyscoop snoopers who told us that the two didn’t exchange any words or acknowledge each other in any way. Matt hung out at his VIP booth with pals which included Lauren Conrad, while Britney partied with her dancers at her own VIP table.

Many in the Hollywood circle believe that Paris is trying to get back at Britney by hooking up with Matt. Speaking of Matt didn’t he just have a baby? Wasn’t he going to marry the USC ball player Brynn Cameron? Whatever his case may be he is certainly the man around town lately.

Let me translate this one for you. He’s definitely been up in Paris’ vile business. Might have at least gotten brain off of Lohan at some point and it was pretty good so he needed to keep her on deck with a “hello, how are you”. And probably got real drunk and then somewhere with Brit in Arizona, but then woke up the next morning and got a good look at the Ocean State Job Lot -shopping disaster area she’s morphed into and prayed for God to strike him with amnesia. All in all, he needs to blast furnace his penis and purchase a new one. I’m sure they could genetically engineer one for him or something. Because his current penis is going to cause a plague which will wipe out a large section of the population.