Matt Lauer And His Wife Are Just Fine

May 14th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

The Today Show corespondent Matt Lauer says that he has not moved out of the apartment he shares with his family, he and his wife Annette are still together and, oh yeah, The Enquirer, isn’t a reliable source.

In 2006 his ex-model wife briefly filed for divorce, but she insists he’s never cheated on her. The National Enquirer ran a cover story this week that says Lauer was partying and playing naughty during the winter Olympics and missed Valentine’s Day to keep up the fun. His wife says he was actually with her and their three children on Feb. 14 skiing and Lauer said he was usually in bed by 7:30 pm in order to make his 4 a.m. broadcast time. “This is all made up,” Lauer told People. “All they had to do was check.”

So there you go, a scandal that didn’t end in a confession of cheating or divorce. We were due.

By Madison Ventura

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