Matt Damon’s Wife Is Pregnant Again

I always think of Matt Damon as bad as Will or Bourne and really he does stuff like take his toddler to The Lion King.

Luciana Barroso is giving him a little more excitement and a little less sleep, though. Barroso is pregnant with their third child. She’s already given birth to three girls; her daughter Alexia, 11, from a previous marriage,
Isabella who is 3, and Gia who is only 21 months and who daddy Matt Damon took to the The Lion King on Saturday. See that baby lion cub, Gia? That’s what mommy is bringing home, but not as cute and fuzzy and you might not like them as much.

The proud papa has enjoyed his house full of girls, but maybe this one will be a little Matt Jr.. Whatever it is the patriotic pops hopes they inherit some of his charitable characteristics (and charities). He’s previously said to Us about his daughters “I hope they’ll inherit a sense of social justice and a desire to continue some of those programs that I’m involved with. Maybe not those exact ones, but hopefully, something to further social justice.”

And from little miss babymaker? “My wife is a very wise and a very thoughtful person. Hopefully, they’ll inherit that,” Damon said.