Matt Damon Works Hard for Tha Money

The opening over the weekend for “The Bourne Ultimatum,” was Matt Damon’s best yet, and he is currently riding high on both the success of his most recent film, as well as his recent placement atop the Forbes Ultimate Star Payback list. The list takes the stars who have been most successful in earning back the money paid to them for their films. A film’s net revenue is calculated and then divided by what the actor was paid for the movie. And so far, (not including the “The Bourne Ultimatum”) Matt Damon is the number one celebrity on that list, boasting a $29 per dollar earning for each of his last three movies. However, Forbes is quick to point out that earning power, doesn’t necessarily determine an actor’s mass appeal.

“The biggest stars in Hollywood are not the actors that deliver the biggest returns,” Forbes senior editor Michael Ozanian said in a statement.

Who cares? It’s another fun listy-list and you know we all love us some lists! Go Matt Damon! I think I’m going to cash out my 401k and just buy some stock in him. And rocket shoes, of course. It’s important to diversify.


More photos from the “Bourne Ultimatum” Australian premiere after the jump.


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