Matt Damon Sports Peach Fuzz At Screening Of ‘Green Zone’

Matt Damon showed up to a screening of Green Zone yesterday in New York City and I don’t know how the reporters kept a straight face while talking to him. 

The Green Zone looks good but with a movie starring Damon directed by Paul Greengrass the subject of the Bourne movies was bound to come up. While everyone else in Hollywood jumps at a sequel quicker than you can say “franchise,” nothing is moving on the Bourne front.

“I don’t think I’ll do it. I’ve done it,” Greenglass told The Hollywood Reporter and Damon said he wouldn’t make a Bourne movie without Greengrass. 

Damon did say he is getting ready for the movie True Grit, which was a John Wayne movie but will be updated by the Coen Brothers from the original novel. Oh, that must be what the peach fuzz is all about.  I didn’t think RFK had a mustache.