Matt Damon Saves The Children

And not just by feeding all the ones his wife pops out, but other kids.

While he was on the small screen for the 30 Rock season finale, last night (May 20) in real life, Matt Damon was being honored for his work with Save the Children by Today Show’s Ann Curry. He reflected on his experience in South Africa where he met children who crossed crocodile-infested waters to get to a refugee camp that was only to be closed down once they got there.

“There were these 200 kids … who had made the arduous trek into South Africa, who had nowhere to go, and Save the Children was going to work to place them in families all across South Africa,” Damon said. “It was so deeply affecting to see not only the incredible difference they were making in the lives of these kids, but the commitment of the staff to, when all else failed, (say) ‘Come stay in my office.’ “

There’s more stuff about the charity, but I’m distracted by how cute Matt looks with his longish hair. I haven’t thought that he’s looked this cute in a while, but Matt in black and the messy hair…where’s my checkbook?