Matt Damon May Join True Grit

October 26th, 2009 // 3 Comments

Owner of a 100-watt smile and all-around nice fella, Matt Damon, is in talks with the Coen Brothers to join an all-star cast for the remake of True Grit.

True Grit was a 1969 Western starring mega stars of the day such as John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Robert Duvall, Dennis Hopper, and an uncredited, young whipper-snapper by the name of Wilford Brimley (can anyone else make oatmeal and diabetes lovable?).

Jeff Bridges is already attached and Josh Brolin, who’s currently filming Wall Street 2: Electric Boogaloo or whatever it’s called, may also possibly join the cast as the bad guy.

As if this wasn’t enough star power, Scott Rudin and Steven Spielberg are joining the Coens as producers.  Showbiz!!! (jazz hands implied)

My feelings are pretty clear about how unoriginal Hollywood has become, with practically every cartoon from the 80′s now becoming a live-action movie (The Smurfs?  Really?), but hey, at least this one had about 40 years to marinate before they took another whack at it.  Furthermore, the Coens wrote a script more similar to the Charles Portis novel than the original movie.

I’ll only see it if they put Wilford Brimley in it and make it a touching tale about cowboys with diabetes.

Here is Matt Damon on the set of his current film, The Adjustment Bureau.

Gallery Info: Matt Damon poses for pictures with super excited fans in New York.

By Nicole Steadman

  1. jefflawton

    GOD i just dont get it.. with millions of young first timers out there with fresh ideas just itchin to get there day in the sun… the studios keep backing remakes that TANK at the box office then sit around and scratch thier heads wondering why it tanked…there cannot possibly be this many stupid people all under the same studio roof together.. lol insulting the duke is just wrong.. last wayne flick they remade remember “the alamo” was 2 hours of my life ill never get back.. lol

  2. Monica

    Well Jeff, the young brillant talented people these days are NOT bring it! Their ideas are boring to Executives & the Public which is why Hollywood keeps remaking classics. However Hollywood is not the same anymore either.Movies are sinking bigtime! In a few years there won’t be anymore big blockbuster movies cause the reality is WE just don’t want to pay to see stars in movies anymore. Music is feelig that crunch too. Blame it on the Internet – we can download whatever we want to see & listen to for FREE. So Josh Brolin & Matt Damon are a few of the last of a dying breed of dedicated old-school talented actors. Their pairing in a movie will be cool-dum! I can’t wait
    school talented actors. I can’t wait to see them especially sexy Brolin & I don’t even like Westerns. Jonah Hex should be a great too.

  3. anthony gay

    I have a friend that auditioned for this today. Please let her make it!

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