Matt Damon Is A Patriotic Papa

I still think of Matt Damon as the poor little genius boy in Good Will Hunting.  That’s probably because when I see him with a wife and kids I look the other way to keep up the fantasy. But alas, he is a father of three cute little ones and it sounds like a hard working one at that.

“I never knew I could function this well with no sleep,” he says.  Not only is he up with the tots, the star of the Bourne trilogy expects to take on the task of influential role model.  Damon, who recently announced he would only give interviews when he was able to promote causes close to his heart, expects his children take on the activism fight. “The tagline is that Democracy is not a spectator sport,” he says. “This country is about participation, activism, understanding the history of the country, understanding your place in that history, being involved and being a productive part of the American experience.”

Oooooh, say can you seeeeeee…!

Okay, I feel horrible that I have done nothing for my country today unless you count hording the last of the Mike & Ike’s from the supermarket as working to stop this countries childhood obesity problem. Please save our country Mr. Damon.